Media That Describe Overrated Weakling Putin’s Russia As A ‘Super Power’ Are A Sick Embarrassment, He Can’t Handle Ukraine Let Alone NATO, Germany and USA Who Would Crush Him Easily Within Seconds Like An Insignificant Bug If Some Want Smashed To Absolute Pieces If Putin Tries Anything Against America He Will Be Turned Into Little Bits Of Worthless Pig Farm Mud

Some media are truly disgusting to equate Russia as a super power anymore today in 2023 after the drone American incident.

Rubbish. You make us sick.

Russia under Putin have had their army and economy decimated and the final death touches are being applied all the time.

Over half their tanks alone are gone. That’s being modest too.

They have been more than weakened and they cannot in a supposed 3 day war conquer little old Ukraine.

What makes you think the likes of Germany, NATO, America, Japan and others could do to them if some want?

They have not even got started yet.

Russia are no longer a super power and some need to get that fact into their tiny little bird brains.

Anyone that terms Russia under Putin anymore as a ‘Superpower’ is not legitimate media or press.

Nor acknowledged or even considered.


No respect for Putin’s Russia.

Like him soon, it is gone.

They will be isolated for 3/4 years until justice for their war in Ukraine against war criminals and restitution paid in full.

Some Russians have been dishing out their own justice internally in Russia recently against some Russian invaders when they got back to Russia.

Much not reported.


Because they don’t breath air anymore, that’s why. Understand what that means?

Okay then.

Peace comes when his invaders leave or Putin removed in 2023.

One will happen.

Putin started the mayhem and he’s getting beat down easily for his troubles.

You have nothing seen nothing yet.

Putin must leave Ukraine and Russians must continue doing the right thing and fight back against overrated Putin.

That fact will not change.