Ending The War To Be Achieved Through Ukraine Victory But They Need Heavier Weapons To Do It and Defend Themselves Such As Fighter Jets, ATACMS and Cluster Munitions

The time has come for Ukraine to really press ahead in the days and weeks ahead in the war.

Training is being completed, more weapons are arriving.

Winter is ending.

Russia under Putin is being isolated internationally and Ukraine are winning.

They need more heavy weapons to end the war militarily in self-defense.

ATACMS have a long distance range to stop remaining Russian missile attacks whether from land or sea.

Maybe very relevant when it comes to freeing Crimea too. Same with Cluster Munitions for targets near and in Crimea.

Of course some aircraft/fighter jets will be needed to free Crimea and Donbas fully also.

There are countries in Europe who can make a big difference in this regard.

Ukraine will be a part of Europe/EU so it is in all parties’ best interests in Europe.

Russia will leave Ukraine then and the war will end in 2023.

Peace talks will only happen after that.

Not before.