Washington Gets Ready For 2023 Domino Effect Collapse Of American Banks With War Market Conditions In The Mix

If you think HSBC saving the UK/Euro leg of the Silicon Valley Bank this morning during the war is the last you have heard of major American banks collapsing, you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Washington are getting ready for the carnage already:


China and Russia will be laughing their heads off at Americans at that.

Weak Biden administration let them get away with it. Poor form.

Cheap money and American over capitalistic greed the cause. The root cause, no less. You think they would have learned from the last global financial crash.

This time the biggest war the planet has seen since WWII is happening from Russia, which makes this war market mix different.

Think about it.

Regulators per the above were scrambling over the weekend.

Expect more of that.

At least the American people will not have to pay for the collapse of the bank at the weekend, it is reported thus far.