Stanisław Żaryn Makes Strong Point On Russians In Poland and Problems In Poland But If He Believes What He Says and Knows What Is Good For Him He Will Start Cleaning Up In Poland So To Crack A Few County Puck Crooked Policemen Heads In, Their Emergency Workers, Corrupted Workers In General and Take Away Some Polish Homes, Farms, Jobs, Churches and Businesses All Seized In The War Moving Forward

We’ve had enough with some of these Polish government people.

Duda, your time is now. Some countries have been patient with you for many months but that is gone now. This Stanisław Żaryn makes a good point here:

Of course.

Obviously Russia used that as a time buying tactic but you let it happen with a small number who allow them to in Poland.

Your problem.

Start with getting the military to crack the living day lights out of some policemen’s different homes in County Pusk in Poland first to see who’s with Russia and not.

No more of this carry on now about giving some second chances. That ship has sailed.

Put the fear of almighty God into some of the rapid response police specifically at this point and turn on the lights on all of them specifically – with a rapid response. Amen.

Take away jobs from people in any business without reason or explanation during the raids if needed.

Poland must clean up this county Puck place, some of the small bad apples, or face oblivion as a nation and people.

Same thing as in Krakow.

Get rid of the one or two dirtbags by the military and keep the good and the rest.

Clean up time.

No one gets away with anything, police, paramedics, hospital workers, teachers, workers in McDonalds, blitz time.

Who do they know and what Ukrainians are here that should not be aligned with Russia.

Let’s put you President Duda and his Warsaw people to the test. You want success for Poland then you have to fight for it. Freedom is not free. Ask the people of Ukraine.

How’s your heart? How’s your bloody ticker as they said in other countries? Free Poland from Putin Russian scum and their kind, those that pacifist sympathize with them, as you say above, per your colleague.

If they really believe in what they say above, they will clean up Poland to allow more investment into Poland not just from America but Saudis, Japan and many more.

Russians in Italy got dealt with as are Russians in Germany Spain, France, and the UK and Ireland will be and are being dealt with, send the embassy workers back to Russia in all these places already.

Until they remove Putin in 2023.

Get rid of them.

Time is up now.

Screw that.