Sometimes Useful Moron Musk Is Right About BBC Organization As Mainstream Media In US Cuts Off UK’s BBC Rubbish Attempts At Copying America, Their Russia War Coverage Is None Existent Almost, Britain Better Off Shutting BBC Down and Focusing On Sky News, Far Better As Brexit During Russia War Will Only Hurt Brits Worldwide Even More, America Could Care Less About BBC/UK Anymore, They Never Mention Them As Relevant Anymore, Ahead Of Saint Patrick’s Week 2023 UK Is A Sinking Ship Unless They Change Their Institutions Fundamentally

The Musk celebrity businessman guy is right sometimes during the Russia war over the last year.

Sometimes he is an idiot. Sometimes he has some good points, though.

His analysis of how poor the BBC has become as an organization recently spot on.

America don’t even quote or care about them in the UK anymore. You never hear Americans talking about the UK or it as a big economy anymore, never on CNN or Fox. Not once over the last 12 months. America is moving on from the UK in the markets. Banking and otherwise.

With Saint Patrick’s Day this week the US and UK often are places where this is a big day.

America though rarely mention the UK or their institutions anymore, check it for yourself, they simply don’t care about the UK anymore. Indifferent to it with no opinion, basically.

The UK army (to their credit and kudos big respect to them) has helped Ukraine this year in fairness. Their Prime Minister seems to be trying his best as well in fairness to him.

Also, there are many good people in the UK but corrupted organizations like the BBC and other State media in other nations need to be revolutionized into something better.

They are not alone, State media in many countries is gone to the dogs.

Sky News for the Russia war far, far better coverage, upon testing.

Brits have got absolutely hammered worldwide in countries globally the last 12 months and if they are not careful with how they get their BBC to not cover the Russia war, basically, they just copy Reuters essentially, don’t expect it to end well for Brits.