Russian Out Of Date Military Doctrine Alone Clearly Illustrates Soviet Mentality No Longer Relevant and Russia Have Not Changed

Here’s the deal. It is quite simple. Vladimir Putin under Russia have continued a war on a global scale in Ukraine but their mentality is the same as ever.

This from Paul Massaro today worth some insight.

Even if you go to the Russian military doctrine, it has not changed in decades.

It doesn’t work anymore.

There are good people in Russia of course but their leadership must be brought to justice and their nation must fight back against Putin.

They have what it takes and Putin has limited security around him as time goes on that will not be willing to fight for a boss who doesn’t pay them anymore, nor cares about any of his people.

Ultimately a win for Ukraine (which will happen) will form a better future for many Russians one day, many not living in Russia anymore at the moment, many of them.

The future is bright for Earth but Russia will be held to justice for this war, one that is even worse than Hitler in some ways back in WWII.

The nation will be isolated for some years internationally and it is up to Russians to stand up like they are doing a bit more to Putin to create a better country down the road for themselves and move on from Putin.

As they know, in their heart of hearts, that he is overrated and will, and is currently, failing badly at the moment.