Put The Fear Of God Into Putin Russians He Is About To Send Russia Into Years Of Global Obliteration

There is nothing to fear on this Earth other than the one who created it.

Almighty God.

All us mere mortals only passing though. No body better than anyone. None of us.

That’s why those influenced by bad vibes/energy/forces like Putin, big or small, must be cut down in war times like we are in.

To create something new and bright from the darkness Putin and others created.

Vladimir Putin created one of the worst disasters for this planet among the nations, along with some others, and invaders, all of whom will be punished.

Far worse than what they are doing. They know it. They are feeling it all the time.

The supreme commander of it at the end of the day as regards the military war is Vladimir Putin.

So he must be stopped to create the appropriate conditions for the others.

Put the fear of God into him.

Teach him some manners while you are it, Russians in Russia.