Poland President Duda and Polish Government Doing Well For Ukraine So Far But They Have Gotten On The Wrong Side Of Polish People and Too Many Countries Now Due To Some In Puck County In Poland and Puck Super Gym Discipline Needed During The War To Clean Up A Small Few In North Poland Today Turn On The Lights Amen

Some in a Puck County place in North Poland are on the literal brink now of having their businesses, jobs, farms and homes destroyed by the Polish military, police and international armed forces of many nations due to some stupid actions.

Not impressed. God help them if some even think they make any mistakes again.

Poland have done well in the war but today right now amen need to discipline that Puck Super Gym place for lost and found items. Same with that Emergency ambulance number for Puck and their hospital. Turn on the lights on all of them at this stage. Seriously. So be it.

Same with the Puck County Police station. Discipline some of them. No more second chances now. That’s it. Get the army involved. More from Warsaw.

Same for some Irish Embassy economics guy Brendan Farrell from Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland, ahead of Saint Patrick’s Day in Poland this week and some of their McDonalds people in Puck County also, make it so, do what you must keep tabs on his movements and investigations as related to Russia, Poland etc.:


Get the military to keep tabs on him and Russia today. No reasons or explanations needed. Just keep an eye and keep tabs.

This is your only warning Duda.

Poland, really and truly, a great country, and people, one of and some of the best overall, otherwise will turn to rubble because of a small few morons.


Polish zloty, economy and more will be crippled likely soon if some of this Puck County is not cleaned up with all appropriate lawful Warsaw and international forces.


Turn on the lights.


Here is the details to keep an eye on during the war:

Supergym & Fitness Center Puck


Gym in Puck, Poland

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  1. Service options: On-site services · No online classesLocated in: Arcadia Park Shopping CenterAddress: 10 Lutego 50, 84-100 Puck, PolandHours: Open ⋅ Closes 10 pmPhone+48 604 144 069