Germans Too Hesitant With Something On Lithuania and NATO As Germany In A Mess As Society Germans Need To Crack A Few Heads and Bad Apples Internally In Germany To Bring The Country and Europe Forward

What is this bloody rubbish with NATO, Lithuania and Germany:

NATO and Germany must communicate with one another, and France, better. Not least with Central and Eastern Europe too.

Where is the NATO commander at?

It is crucial at the moment for everyone in Europe during the Russia war.

Germany a mess at the moment also some random girl found dead in a woods:

German society needs to unite. Crack a few heads of the bad apples, hold on to the good ones.

Europe without Germany is not Europe.

Germany without Europe cannot survive.

Russia are losing bad now and China exports compared to America’s are not good.

Money talks.

The DW site in Germany informative on the matter.

Stay the course.

No going backwards.

Only forwards now.

Come on Germany.

Appoint a head of skull punching or bad apple cracking discipline commander or something during the war.

Nations around the world brought your people back to our planet after WWII.

This is similar from Putin in Russia, these times.

No off ramp however for Putin and Russia.

For many years.

The people of Germany have what it takes to clean up a tiny number of their internal rotten twisted eggs.

Make it so.

Germany has been a great story, unexpectedly in the war so far.

Not to do with the government but the people of Germany.

(Photo credit: Ukraine Pravda)