A Look At How Many Few Tanks Russia Really Have Left In Their War

When you consider on balance that Russia under Putin started their war well over a year ago now, the decimation of Russian tanks has been astonishing.

This goes into how many so far:


Over 1000 tanks gone so far.

Not just quantity loss but strategy loss from Putin, too, tanks did not work. The strategy of just mass fire of tanks and bodies into a place is out of date military doctrine.

Moreover, they can’t refurbish the old tanks to the sufficient level needed either.

With Ukraine getting more high tech tanks this month they will have a better use of quality, of tank, furthermore.

More efficient.

Germany need to get their act together a bit with NATO and start pressing ahead as winter is coming to an end soon.

The terrain will not be as hard for Ukraine to navigate and with more tanks and ammo, they will get done what has to be done.