Two Of Once Putin Ally Countries In Europe Start To Turn Backs On Him

There is no possible way Putin’s Russia can win their war in Ukraine that created mayhem in all our countries on Earth.

Hungary and Turkey (mainly the first one) have before shown some support but certainly Turkey are moving away from Putin’s Russia all the time by this:

Hungarians are not being welcomed by all European citizens in all European countries currently by any of the people in these countries.

The longer this goes on with how they blocked Ukraine and supported Putin’s Russia.

If you are Hungarian and thinking of going on vacation to any European country this summer, think seriously about it, due to the above war ongoing.

Or if you are thinking of leaving Hungary at all think twice. It won’t end well for you if you are from Hungary the longer your country supports.

Moreover, get the Hungarian authorities to sell the Russian Kremlin owned TGI Fridays in central Budapest and other American business they try to get their hands on via franchises.

They try to get these franchises to take American business and turn it into their own sometimes.

Russians have been doing this in Hungary for some time.

No more.