Silicon Valley Bank Shut Down To Hit America and Chinese Tech Startups During The War As Some Morons, Bankers, Financial Industry People and Venture Capitalists In Tech and Startups In America And China Get What They Deserve

During the Russia war that has effected the globe China in a big way have come into the picture.

Following the shut down shortly of the Silicon Valley Bank, which will not be bailed out, repeat, will not be bailed out, it effects Chinese tech start ups too:

Better banks must form after the rubbish one above hits the chopping block soon.

China and America must understand they are not friends and those stupid enough in America to have their money with the above bank or do business with Chinese tech companies like the above mentioned, those morons, they deserved it.

Crap bank. Good riddance.

How some idiots in Europe even got roped into using is their own fault. Don’t believe their hype some times. Some billionaires may lose a few bucks, Boohoo. Think about the regular average people next time.

Who cares about the above bank. Simple market correction this weekend.

This was overdue.