Japan Times Say The Chinese Century Is Already Over As Chinese Birth Rates Begins To Fall Making Their Demographic Data and Census Sample Size Faulty As China Themselves Cannot Accurately Numerically Nor Wisely Ethically Inform Chinese Foreign, Military or Economic Policy Anymore In 2023

During the Russia war China came onto the world stage in a big way over the last year.

Not many realize however Chinese birthrates are plateauing now in China as pointed out in Japan:


Think about this.

China are not as powerful as you think. Not at all.

Their economic, military and foreign policies based on the now confirmed declining birth rates make them null and void based on the above acknowledged data from Chinese officials themselves.


After all, statistics and numbers are only as good as their sample sizes when all is said and done.

Chinese policy cannot be informed accurately based on a decreasing birth rate that skews their own numbers now.

As the demographic data they have, as pointed out above in Japan, is based on faulty demographic data now.

Japan will do well to strengthen ties with Korea also at this time during the wars and talks of wars.