Biggest Pay Rise In Decades For US Military Workers Proposed As Resiliency Of Supply Chain Needed and Indo Pacific Command Requests Funding In Light Of China Taiwan

Lots happening in the military and defense news worldwide at the moment.

Aside from the biggest war in history since WWII, by Russia in Ukraine, the US military is reportedly needing to up its game on supply chain:

That comes at a time where they are not recruiting well and in general, American people are sitting ducks in America to get wiped off the face of the Earth at the moment compared to some.

If some want that US dollar to go soon, like if the Saudis or others buy or sell more oil in Chinese currency, America will be crushed over night.

Literally within seconds.

It would be far worse than the last recession of 2006-2008 approx.

Maybe some are still deciding to do with America’s future and all the lives of all their citizens, worldwide.

That’s how serious this Russia war is.

Deadly, lethally serious for America in America and Americans around the globe.

At least the military workers in good news in 2024 will get a very good pay rise:

This will incentivize recruiting and get people to work harder frankly.

More here on the policy change:

Taiwan will have people like Australia, India and Japan in their region to deter China in the years ahead.

That said, the US need more funding over there, a weak America internationally (per currency note above) means Americans are all gone in America domestically in the US.

So this is appropriate:

America’s strength is in its team worldwide.