The Mammoth Cost Of Putin’s Russia’s Hyper Sonic Missiles For Little Gains Achieved

Ukraine nor many can defend against hyper sonic missiles in war at the moment.

That said, there should be ways they and their allies can attack where the missiles are launched from whether sea or land (in proactive defense). To remove them at point of origin.

Moreover, it costs a staggering fifty to one hundred million dollars every time Putin uses just one of them:

The nuclear facilities they targeted during the week with them have already being fixed.

So, the level of cost this is causing upon Russia for no gains is truly spectacular.

What’s more, the US are expanding tech to counter these weapons from Russia and China:

As the missiles travel at five times the speed of sound they are difficult for Ukraine to shoot down.

More info on counter measures against them in the works of being developed:

That does not mean they cannot shoot them down or divert them however.

They must realize also that Russia won’t have many of these left and the enormous cost for little gain they get is quickly ending Russia.

Putin knows it, too.

More military blog analysis here onto countering them in the future:

Ukraine must show stamina, stick with one another, persevere, understand a lot of new weapons are arriving this month in defense to end the war (to look forward to), ignore Russian disinformation by testing it every day, get rest when needed and available, healthy diet for the the end of the winter months to endure, and understand, one simple fact and truth.

That support is growing for them worldwide by the day.

Whereas Putin’s Russia are getting isolated from all the nations in the world.

By the day.