Washington DC In Meltdown Mode As FBI Face Biggest Crisis As An Institution Since Existence Over Jan 6th

The sheer level of fear in America stock market players, private and capital wealth, big business, and at government level, has never before being seen. It is real carnage and war in America now.

This goes into another issue in Washington DC as the FBI face.

A huge problem regarding January 6th.

Washington DC and the American bureaucrat culture is being brought to light now.

People who you never heard of before coming to the surface now. Give it a little time. Patience. Many in DC and elsewhere will likely cut ties with those who are within their inner circles now during the war.

On a daily basis now the carnage in America is increasing at such a level, it is almost off the charts that so much is happening.

When you consider the biggest war by Russia is ongoing – the growing war within America is still very significant too.