Russian Civil War On The Horizon

Continued new issues arise for Putin within Russia and Lukashenko in Belarus.

Here is how a Russian civil war which is inevitable in the future, here is what it will look like.


  • Putin already has secret rail to his home and likely will be in a bunker
  • Until some country agrees to transfer him
  • Someone will replace Putin
  • Who that is remains unknown
  • SWIFT will cut most Russian banks and the Ruble will be worth not what it was
  • Russia will be isolated among all the nations for at least a few years
  • Until Putin’s invaders are brought to justice in tribunal and repairs paid to Ukraine
  • Putin won’t be able to pay any Russian government workers/civil servants
  • This will lead to a collapse of Russian society as a whole
  • Due to Putin’s invasion of another country
  • And causing the biggest war the planet had seen since the second world war