Eliminating and Exposing Overrated Psychology As A Scam Profession That Enemy Putin’s Soviet Doctrine Relied On, and Now, Is Being Crushed Like A Bug Because Of

Going over some of the old Soviet doctrines from the 70s at the moment.

Vladimir Putin attempted to bring them to a 2022/2023 battle and is paying a brutal price for it:

Putin will dearly pay for what he is doing with his war on Ukrainians and nations around the globe.

On the above, it is very overrated.

A load of big words and rubbish essentially.

They are using mass attacks in numbers and wasting huge resources.

Most of their worst attacks have already happened at the start of this war.

Same as principles suggested above.

‘Strength where the enemy is weak.’

Well, if they are referring to innocent Ukrainian women and children.

That shows how little strength the Putin enemy invaders have.

If you go through the above none of it has worked or is working.

Putin’s Russia war is a failure of colossal proportions.