Understanding Out Of Date Russian Artillery Doctrine and Why Modern Weapons From NATO Europe Now To Ukraine Will Save Lives – Finland and Germany Can Get SMArt 155’s To Achieve This

Ukraine are fighting not only for themselves but for countries across the globe as proven now by Putin’s Russia’s global nature in their conflict.

However, Europe, the EU and NATO must hurry as the momentum can be turned even more for Ukraine. To end the war. To save lives.

Modern weapons will save lives. That’s the reality of it.

Putin is not too tech savvy not only with IT but also the modern build of his attacking weapons like he claims.

The Russian artillery doctrine is one of mass firepower that is now out of date:


Maybe shoot 30 shells to hit one target.

They’ve wasted a huge amount in that strategy, mostly on Ukrainian civilians.

However, Russia thought Ukraine could not hit Russian targets within 50km with some of the Himars Ukraine are using to good effect at present.

Working like a charm.

Russia got that wrong.

NATO and other ally defense weapons only are more modern in their artillery doctrine.

1 shell in 1 target 100 per cent of the time (mostly).

Smarter weapons, with smart shells and GPS:


More info on these type of shells here in modern warfare:


Much of Putin’s manifesto on old out of date, now obsolete, military, artillery and overall defense (although he uses it as an aggressor instigating the attack) can be found here:


Too out of date now.

NATO must work hand in hand on the Himars (they really work):


Finland and Germany (among many) can get smart shells into Ukraine.

As they have shown they know how to use what they have being given so far.

Very well, no less.


Light the fuse.

Just like Russians and Belarusians are doing to Russian ammo and weapons factories internally across Russian warehouses and depots.

They need to do this more, a win for Ukraine, long-term down the road is a win for Russia after Putin gone and change brought to Russia after justice payback and reparations paid.

The less is more mentality in doctrine use of more effective, but less shells, will result in a higher conversion rate or target hits for Ukraine (in defense).

Russia will waste 30 shells just to get 1 Ukrainian civilian target.

Whereas the above weapons.

1 hit in 1 target.

Speed is the secret weapon.

Precision and accuracy of speed, thus, compounds, and, accumulates.