Deadliest Day In Living History Of War Since The Second World War Sees Over 1,000 Russians Eliminated In 1 Single Day In Putin’s Russia War

Why do you Russian men and women want to fight for Putin? This is the deadliest day of all of war since the second world war this week (they were warned):

Russian men and women have tried to do serious harm to some recently. That said, they are humans like us and God wants to forgive and redeem (as hard as that is to even imagine but he does) them after being brought to justice. Reparations paid to Ukraine and those responsible brought to swift justice by all appropriate ways possible. SWIFT must do more on another note, as a financial institution, to cut Russian banks from their system internationally. Russia don’t care about SWIFT anyway as they are trying to create their own banks.

Please, for the love of God, go home to Russia. Putin is using you as less than cannon fodder. Russians must stand up to their failing ruler.

Ukraine and their allies in the East (and West) are only getting stronger every day. Every hour.

That is the bloodiest day of war this planet has seen in this generation. Brutal.

Once the invaders stop the invasion of another country, the war will be simply over.

Russians must continue to do the right thing to bring about internal change in Russia to end the war and get the invaders to leave Ukraine.