Switzerland Begin Trial For Swiss Bankers Who Transferred Millions To Putin’s Assistant

The Swiss are starting to clean house quickly of Russian funding in their nation. Millions transferred by a Swiss banker to Putin’s aide now sees him on trial: https://english.nv.ua/nation/swiss-bankers-on-trial-for-transferring-millions-to-putin-s-aide-50309333.html More speed needed from the Swiss, however. Link up with the SWIFT payment system to stop Russian accounts. All of them.…

1960s Built Russian Tanks Getting Obliterated In Ukraine

The out of date old Soviet tanks are getting smashed up on the double. Hammer time from Ukraine clearly: https://www.kyivpost.com/post/14006 Hammered into oblivion. Pulverized into the dirt. Annihilation will come in March with more German and Portuguese tanks arriving soon for Ukraine.

German Car Company To Leave Russia

Germany continue to pound and smash away at Putin’s Russia. Breaking up the Russian economy further with the Continental car company leaving Russia soon: https://english.nv.ua/business/germany-s-continental-selling-its-business-in-russia-50309304.html Russia is going to be an isolated nation for many years. Long-term without Putin they will do much better though.

Watch: Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto Exposes Hungary and China Fake Peace Plan On Ukraine ‘Crisis’ Even Though Everyone In The World Knows It As A ‘War’ The Biggest Easily Since WWII

It took a while but the Hungarians fakeness with China, as some said all along between China and Budapest in the center of Europe, is exposed: Sickening. That’s the shadiest politician of all time lock him up corrupt to the core. Watch it again here from 9’47 onwards mark: Crook.…

Russian Ammo In Bakhmut Low Advance On Them

Ukraine’s defense in Bakhmut is unreal. The must keep it up and now is the time to push forward: https://www.dailysabah.com/world/europe/wagner-head-warns-of-risk-to-bakhmut-positions-amid-ammo-shortage Russian ammo low. No time like the present to move forward.

Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Makes Important Note On Iran

Iran not only a danger in the wars in the middle East. Europe too with Russia. Saudi FM made a very important point: https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/630477/SAUDI-ARABIA/Saudi-FM-Nuclear-agreement-with-Iran-must-address-concerns-of-neighboring-countries Small few comments but important ones there. He’s talking about a lot there, actually, in few words. Important.

Why Putin Has No Idea How To Win In Ukraine

Putin is losing his war because he has no strategy. This quite good from Japan: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2023/03/07/commentary/world-commentary/putin-normalizes-war/ He is trying to normalize his war. It is not working. Whereas Ukraine have outlined a peace plan for when Russia leave Ukraine.

NATO Nearly Ready To Let Sweden and Finland In To Stop The Russian War That Has Effected All Our Countries As Albania Also Take An Anti-Russia Stance

NATO are almost ready. They have the budget in Europe (nothing to do with America), people and assets to deploy (ammo needed for Ukraine on a basic level). Now they are almost letting Sweden and Finland in: https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_212488.htm?selectedLocale=en Hungary out of the way on one of them. Turkey will follow…

Ukraine’s Righteous Retribution Comes From God Authority Of Jesus Christ Not From Themselves God Always Shows In Humanity’s History Good Overcomes Evil In The Beginning Of The World With War In Heaven

Payback time for Ukraine in the war is really only starting now. Over 1 year into the biggest war since the second world war the mighty Russia, once thought as the second army of the world, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, have been shown to be not so mighty.…

Deadliest Day In Living History Of War Since The Second World War Sees Over 1,000 Russians Eliminated In 1 Single Day In Putin’s Russia War

Why do you Russian men and women want to fight for Putin? This is the deadliest day of all of war since the second world war this week (they were warned): https://www.newsweek.com/russia-ukraine-wagner-losses-war-1785998 Russian men and women have tried to do serious harm to some recently. That said, they are humans…

FTC In Breach Of The First Amendment

It appears that many American institutions and systems are simply collapsing now. Buckling under the pressure of their own weight, this from the FTC: Pressure must be kept up on the Biden administration. They are being brought to justice in many aspects.

UK and NATO Rapidly Combine With Ukrainian Soldiers

Quick response times from Europe, UK and more for weapons, ammo and getting trained Ukrainians back to Ukraine are happening. The UK and NATO with an update here: https://english.nv.ua/nation/uk-training-for-ukraine-soldiers-on-tanks-and-artillery-nv-report-ukraine-news-50308907.html Ukraine must smash the occupiers and invaders this month to repel them with justice. There is no other way. They are…

Putin Belarus Ally Goes Toe To Toe With Zelenskyy

The gloves are off now from the Belarus self-appointed leader as he must surely know Putin of Russia is failing badly in his war. Lashing out at the Ukraine President saying: https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2023/03/7/7392325/ Once Russian invaders under command of Putin leave Ukraine things return to peace. Ukraine were not the country…

Indian PM Says Global Governance As Idea Has Failed

Putin’s Russia’s war of global significance last year and this year has changed the course of the planet’s history. Bringing all of its silly systems to near collapse soon. The Indian PM is spot on here: https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2023/03/03/indian-pm-modi-at-g20-meeting-global-governance-has-failed/ A global one world government will never work in the long run, therefore.…