US Department of Defense Slowness In Delivering Weapons To Ukraine Not Only Comes Back To Haunt Them In Europe – Taiwan Too – As Deterring China There Stops US National Security Issues From China

You either have a united front or you don’t.

China have been brazen on their incursions into Europe and elsewhere globally.

No regard for anyone and wanting to press their Putin’s Russia ties recently.

Started in aggression of tone escalation diplomatically, then, after Putin’s Russia war of global significance.

DOD were wrong to deliver weapons so slowly so far to Ukraine against Putin who is an enemy to the US, there, but not just there.

China never would have been this brazen if already paid for weapons by Taiwan were there quicker.

Deter China in Taiwan secures that region and the global landscape more.

It’s strategy and simple speed of delivery of the chess pieces on the chess board (defense weapons) to preserve life.