Ukraine Defense Ministry Associate Reveals The Biggest Ammo Warehouse In Europe In An Unofficial Country Russia Are Trying To Create Not On The Map Under Russian Separatist Control

Boxing News and Views while speaking with an associate of the Ukraine Defense efforts today learned something new on Russian warehouses that go under the radar.


Specifically, Cobasna.

Look that up. You won’t find much about it.

You will find some info on it but not that Russia is trying to create another country again.

Just like when they sent puppet government officials to Moldova and Georgia to do similar.

It is between Moldova and Ukraine.

No passport needed to get into it, simply pay to enter a Russian separatist controlled country with about ten cities or so.

One businessman controls most of the factories, hotels, gas stations there.

Guarded by about 1000 Russian soldiers (approx.)

It has what is thought currently to have the biggest weapons deport for ammo in Europe there.