Ukraine and Poland Unmovable, Steadfast and Unbreakable During Putin’s Russia’s War

Ukraine and Poland Unmovable, Steadfast and Unbreakable During Putin's Russia's War

The fact remains, Russian President Putin’s war in Ukraine is one of global consequence and the biggest war and story of the 21st century, without doubt.

One of the great little stories within that is how some of the Baltic and smaller Eastern European nations have inspired others like Germany, Italy, France, Japan and more (and Russians now finally in Russia and Belarusians in Belarus fighting against their dictator regimes) to fight back against Putin.

Not least Poland and Ukraine:

Poland doing well at the moment, can always improve, we all make silly stupid mistakes sometimes but nothing or no one perfect.

Poland during the war surely one of the most important now for Ukraine and the above TVP World one of easily, the most recommended Polish global/Polish English speakers for things Poland worldwide.

They are top notch. Pravda in Ukraine and them in Poland you won’t meet much better. Kyiv Post and Kyiv Independent very good too.

Polish Zloty rallied hugely in February with big gains in the worldwide international market.

Like the Mexican Peso, we expect it to go well before the end of 2023 and hit some highs again. Patience.

A Mexican fella maybe of wisdom beyond us said one time on partnerships in war, the boxing/fight business or anything, it always stands out more than anything lately for some reason.

Sometimes you can actually help people too much, be too good to people and sometimes people with hearts made of 100 per cent Gold can do too much for a people or country, you have to sometimes guard your heart more than anything in these times, seriously.

We are not in the bloody business of offending or upsetting any innocent people during these war times, it upsets us seeing the suffering of war more than anything.

At the end of the day, Putin started it. Then he even got China involved and the guy from Belarus was in China the other day, come on? Clear as day to see the picture now?

On the war in Ukraine for Poland and Ukraine, they must remember something important.

A simple fact of life, in life.

All these experts and commentators saying of the weapons are not there yet and no change expected for a while for a Ukrainian offensive.

Not necessarily.

Look it another way.

Some Irish fella said one time on a cold rainy night of AstroTurf soccer when nothing particularly was going well or his way, for a long bloody time, it was there, then, in those times, maybe those unexciting, disinteresting (Sahara Flat miles in running a marathon maybe another way of putting it), times, where then, right then, only then, when most fold, that right there was where the opportunity to even gain a 1 per cent edge on the competition happens. Where the miracle takes place. The conversation you have with God and yourself supersedes all things in creation and of any importance.

That’s where the big wins actually occur really most of the time in life in all aspects.

Ukraine must move forward and press ahead and keep pushing the momentum.