China Finally Show Their True Colors At G20 With Putin’s Russia – Nations, Rulers and Authorities Are Falling Before Our Eyes – Vindication Of The World vs The CCP At Last!

China’s CCP game is now over. The jig is up.

On the G20 Council this alongside Russia is desgusting:


That wraps that up in a neat little package all together for Mr. Xi and the CCP. Doesn’t it then.

America should be seriously concerned on strategy for China now.


The G20 is in bits. Like many authorities, rulers and kingdoms falling at the moment.

Before our very eyes.

China must cut ties with Putin’s Russia in 2023 to rejoin the East and West. Putin’s Russia will lose.

You fight God, you lose. It is that simple. Putin’s Russia the evil the Ukraine defenders the good.


Good and evil, right and wrong?

Who’s side are you on?