2023 Worldwide Support For Ukraine Growing In All Countries After 141 Nations At UN Vote For Russia To Leave Ukraine – World Support Can Go On For Years Easy For Ukraine – Until Putin Or Russia Depart – Pentagon Should Shoot To Kill Elon Musk Dead In Lawful Ukraine War Defense – East Support Just Getting Started – Japan Will Change The Game Completely In 2023 Never Ever Underestimate The Japanese When You Need Them

Yes, some wince when they see what war is really about but the true reality of war is good and evil – right and wrong.

Peal all the crap of the world and culture that means nothing away and this is what life boils down to.

Good and evil.

You are with God or against him.

Much more people in heaven then in hell.

You would be surprised.

You must do business with some to get to either place.

No one in this generation comes past Jesus Christ to get to the father and heaven.

Here in this temporary world in war times there was war before the world started.

Good always prevails as God cannot be defeated. It is impossible.

The professional killing business of evil is always easily done by the forces of good.

You are either with God or the enemy. Good and evil. Right and wrong.

Ultimately, Ukraine of course can’t be beaten as the support (not just from the West) but the entire world is growing, it really is.

That UN resolution this week was a major shift in isolation of Putin’s Russia.

After 141 UN Nations voting for Russia to leave Ukraine during the week support is only getting started.

The UN now see Russia have no time for the UN Charter so there is no point in Russia being in the UN.

Let all the other nations remain except for Putin’s Russia until Putin is gone or his invaders leave.


That is another key way you end the war.

The world has seen what Putin’s Russia has and are still doing in Ukraine and to all countries of the world with their war.

Russia will be torn apart for many years after this until justice and reparations are paid for Ukraine.

It will benefit the good people of Russia one day after new leadership takes over.

A win for Ukraine is a win for the people of Russia who are against their leadership’s war.

They need to fight their leader Putin at this point in Russia.

There is no other way.

No one talking about the great Japanese’ billions in the East pouring into Ukraine soon.

The East are just getting started on Putin.

This is nothing.

Forget the West, they will keep helping, great, but 2023 is all about the East ending Putin’s Russia war that destabilized the entire planet from their war.