The Truth Is Ukraine Can’t Lose Because God Is With Them Peace Only Possible When Putin’s Russia Invaders Leave Ukraine At The End Of The Day

No matter what some small few may suggest, of course God is very real, the bible is the only truth and way, Jesus Christ is God and his word is alive.

The fact is Putin’s Russia invasion is the evil in the war and Ukraine the good in the fight. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Simple. Hence why Ukraine can’t lose in 2023 as God is with them.

God is a scientific fact and historical truth in his bible as he created all these things in the beginning of Genesis.

Just like overrated Satan is real which he created too, whom is only a creation and at the end of the day (nothing more) – the evil in the war is obviously the Putin’s Russian invaders.

Support for Ukraine not only grows in the West but Japan in the East have confirmed game changing support in the weeks and months ahead for Ukraine.

Watch for the moves from Japan in the time ahead crucially. Not many mention now but will be a big factor in the war.

Then once Putin’s Russian invaders leave Ukraine or a new Russian leader is there, one of those two things in 2023, peace talks will obviously only begin from that point sensibly.

Even when things tough and challenging circumstances just like God always prevails so will the defenders Ukraine in the war.