The False Prophet Argentinian Bergoglio Further Divides Catholic Church and Christianity Worldwide By Restricting Traditional Catholic Latin Mass As Bergoglio Loses Spiritual War and Children In Vatican Even Pictured In Disgust Near Him As He Fools No One While Vatican Gets Crushed Like A Bug

The False Prophet Argentinian Pope Bergoglio

Catholics some of the best believers in Jesus Christ worldwide and not only they know the current Argentinian Bergoglio of the Vatican is no Pope.

More and more are as time goes on.

As the false prophet clown Bergoglio and his assistants in Italy get nailed everywhere they go now worldwide.

Even in the Vatican children and their parents are pictured frequently in disgust next to him when they see the evil in him now. They see through his soul which is wretched and a wolf (a harmless one at that) in sheep’s clothing. You can’t fool good people and Bergoglio’s days are numbered with Catholics after this:

Traditional Latin masses are something Catholics are well allowed to have and who is he to restrict them?

He is a nobody.

That is who is he.