India Cut Themselves Off From Much East and West Trade With Russia G20 Move But UK Looking At Sending Fighter Jets To Ukraine – Finland, Italy, UK and Netherlands Must Get Jets To Ukraine To End The War

Some very bad news for the nation of India today.

At the G20 they have mentioned they don’t propose new sanctions on rogue State in the world Putin’s Russia:

2023 won’t end well for India now.

Putin’s Russia has to be torn apart for a few years and isolated for one day a better Russia to be built for their ongoing war in Ukraine. That is what will happen for their own good one day. After repatriations paid to Ukraine and justice for those responsible is brought.

India will not have much relevance or good fortunes in the world now after this. India are on their own now.

The UK a once strong partner of India no doubt will shun India after the above but in good news the UK to their credit are looking at maybe getting fighter jets to Ukraine:

If the UK could do this, Italy and the Netherlands would surely follow.

Those three nations must get the fighter jets together in Europe into Ukraine.

Those three nations can start a jet convoy in Europe and others will follow.

The New UK Prime Minister in challenging circumstance has being a great help in stopping Putin’s Russian aggression credit to him so far: