Despite (Some Not All) Morons In Doomed Jezebel/Babylon In The Bible Nation America – Talking Nukes – Now Even The Russian Ambassador To UK Rules Out Nuclear Weapons

As the free fall of America morally, legally, financially, tech and economically takes shape in 2023, in what many believe the USA is in fact the nation to now be either Babylon or Jezebel at the end of the New Testament over the next 50 or 60 years, some more facts are emerging in the Russia war.

Despite the perennial doomsday predicters suggesting otherwise, that we are going towards WWIII, we are not.

Putin is stupid but he’s not that stupid.

Nor going towards nuclear weapons.

Yes, the war is global in nature on a regional front but no nukes now the Russian Ambassador has said to the UK:

Of course they were not. You don’t have to sell nothing to America. God controls all things and if he wants the lights to go out in America, they will. God does what he wants.

The State of California once one of the biggest economies in the world is getting brutalized at the moment.

No thanks to terrible governor Gavin Newsom who would have been hanged by John F. Kennedy at the least.

Newsom is responsible for much of the damage there in America. For sure.

On the nukes, same old rubbish Putin uses every once in a while as regards nukes. Not happening.

Simple as that. He would be crushed like a bug within seconds even faster than he already is.

He is losing his war and has already lost in many aspects.

That is an undisputable fact.

Support from countries around the globe continues to grow against Putin’s Russia which is becoming more and more isolated in the world due to Putin.

Truth. Amen.