Depressingly and Sadly China Visit Putin’s Russia While World Leaders Flock To Ukraine Care Free As Putin ‘Satan II’ Bomb Malfunctions and China Diplomat Looks Shaking and Scared

China in Russia today as everyone else flocks to Ukraine.

This is truly pathetic, sad and depressing. Beyond words.

See the fear and shaking of that China man there. That’s right, you are in trouble now.

Crack him if he goes anywhere in Europe after that. Send him back to China not welcome after that.

He will report to Xi of China how bad Putin’s shape is of course. He will have seen it himself this morning and right now. Putin could not even detonate his ‘Satan II’ bomb yesterday.

The sadness, depression and disgust genuinely one would get watching some of these cowardly morons like Putin and China would send one back to bed and log off for a while.


That’s right Xi, soon in the days ahead you will know how bad it is for Putin and his Russia. They have already lost as your diplomat will report to you in person in more ways than one.

Yes. Putin is screwed. There’s nothing he can do about it either.

Now then, how to does this end. Putin started it.

By Putin ending it by stopping his invasion or when Putin gone and he don’t breath and can’t move no more and is dead.

Only two ways.

That’s war for you.

Sickening some of these morons.

Really its depressing how cowardly and moronic these clowns can be.

The above only two sensible ways for peace and to end the war.