Biden Administration’s Failed Socialism Spending Is Way More Than Ukraine – Ukraine A Good Return On Investment For USA National Security From Enemies Russia, China and Iran – Drop In The Ocean Compared To Biden Administration’s Failed Socialism Spending – US Economy Growth Slows Compared To Reagan Administration

biden administration Ukraine

The Biden administration’s attempt to produce woke politics in America has failed as has their socialism spending (ultimately too close to Communism) the reason.

The Ukraine money spent for America is a huge return on investment from people who want to kill them (and are killing them daily successfully directly and indirectly in all nations) daily between enemies like Russia, China and Iran. All proven.

When you compare that 113 billion spend to the trillions the Biden administration is wasting on:

  • Inflation spending
  • Socialism spending
  • Tax hikes
  • War on fossil fuels
  • War on American business
  • War on inflation

None of the above worked from Biden. The US economy growth continues to slow to 1-1.5%.

During the Regan President administration the economy was growing annually for 5 per cent for nearly seven years.

Biden’s policies slowed things and encouraged America’s enemies.

Russia, China and Iran.

Biden’s policies and sanctions are too weak on Russia. They cost nothing. More of them are needed and tighter control.

Any idiot that thinks WWIII is on the table and nukes is misguided.

Peace through strength for America against China, Russia and Iran the only way.

If China were to give lethal aid to Russia in the war they would in fact be the end of China.

Not a World War, a global regional war where China and Russia would be both isolated.

China won’t do that as they know Putin’s Russia are getting shut off from the East.

What China are getting at the moment would be far worse for them.

By far.

That would be the complete end of the nation of China if that were to happen.