Poland Ready To Destroy Alexander Lukashenko Within Seconds If He Uses Belarus For Already Defeated Putin’s Russia War

Putin of Russia is set to lose a lot of Russian soldiers and Russians shortly.

On a scale you won’t even believe at first. Seriously. It is going to be a savage obliteration of Putin’s Russia. It is just a question of how many and when he will depart Ukraine at this point.

The Polish have finally gotten their act together on the silly self proclaimed leader of Belarus (who isn’t really the leader of that nation and that army won’t go to Ukraine as it doesn’t support him).

The Polish President Duda said it will be the total end of Lukashenko himself if he even thinks about using Belarus in the war:


That doesn’t even consider fighter jets from NATO and others dropping strategic bombs on Lukashenko’s head himself personally where he is right now with him family right now in Belarus.

Very easy to do.