Helpless Putin Isolated In The World Soon Will Send Many Russians To Oblivion Light The Match Of Russian Weapon Warehouses In Belarus and Russia Russians and Belarusians Putin Has Already Lost

Helpless Putin

Helpless Putin who has already lost and being defeated in his war will be easily crushed like a bug.

He is in the beginning stages of sending many Russians and possibly, if he is even more stupid, a small number of Belarusians, to their grizzly deaths in Ukraine.

They don’t have to though – they can turn back now if they want.

Certainly Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus is about to get an almighty reality check soon.

Belarusians and Russians in Russia and Belarus must light the match to weapons factories of Putin and/or Lukashenko. Light the fuse. It is what must be done.

Torch them all and Putin’s invaders will then depart sooner and the war will be over. Zero regrets. Cut through them. Cut them down. Good vs evil. God is against him. God will cut Putin down. Amen. He has already lost. Easy. Nothing to worry about as usual of course, obviously, clearly.

Once Putin’s Russia departs then peace will come. Amen.