Former General Corrects Some Morons In America On Fox About Spoof Never Going To Happen Putin Nuke Threats

The reality is Putin’s war is nearly a year in and if he has not used nukes by now what logical person would think he will. Don’t believe his hype. He is getting hammered. In reality.

One former general Gen. Jack Keane, retired, told Fox some home truths at the weekend:

“They (Putin’s Russia) are threatening the use of nuclear weapons because they want to spook us to be sure. But they are not going to do it because that expands the war with NATO and the US. They can’t handle Ukraine – much less NATO (who have not started destroying them yet).”

You have to agree with him on the slowness of getting the weapons to Ukraine too. More speed needed now by all countries to end the war as quickly as possible.

Give Putin no authority – he has no power anyway – he lost it.

He will lose. He has already lost in many ways.

Brutally as time goes on.

The war ends like this – Putin’s invader forces who invaded depart Ukraine in 2023 fully.

Creating only then the opportunity for peace conditions.

That is what will happen.