Despite DDOS Silly Putin Attacks Bringing Sites Down and Offline Worldwide – More Social Media Usage and Logon More Is The Answer – Working Like A Charm – Destruction Of Putin Disinformation Worldwide Online – Putin Already Has Lost – Some Morons At CNN and Fox Don’t Have A Clue – Some Of Them Nothing More Than Simpleton Slow-Witted Doomed Dumb Dumb Loud Mouth Arrogant American Dummies – Getting Killed Now In Their Droves During The War

The shootings all over America appear to be increasing all the time. John F. Kennedy would be turning in his grave at the disgusting country it is becoming and more specifically, at scumbag Joe Biden.

Stupid Joe Biden if he doesn’t want an even worst beating than he is already getting as he is being nailed at the moment – will deploy as many troops as possible to Europe – as soon as possible – to end the Putin’s Russia war once and for all. Amen.

Likely the kill rate of daily dead Americans from shootings, drugs and war worldwide will exceed the daily 1000 dead Russians in Ukraine in the war soon.

Maybe, we guess.

Many sites around the world at the moment are going offline for a while due to DDOS attacks and being blocked in different nations due to Putin:

Airports in Germany even being hit:

Expect much worse however for slow witted little Americans than the toxic waste they have seen recently and trains nearly derailing.

They are sitting ducks there in America now for far worst to USA infrastructure than the above in Germany and Italy recently. Dumb dumbs.

Expect more worldwide power cuts. It will only get worst during the war. Until Putin departs Ukraine.

Some suggest to log off and watch usage of social media due to the masses of all people now reportedly addiction but we take the opposite view.

Maybe has some benefit sometimes for many people but for now nail Putin even more. He is really squealing like a pig now. More in the months ahead to look forward to.

Putin’s disinformation in his already lost war is more of a reason to logon now and increase social media usage even more.

The next 50-60 years or so are surely the final hour for Earth until Jesus Christ returns and things are just going to get worse until then.

Some peace stabilization can come however when Putin leaves his invasion and war that he alone started. Silly Putin.

(Some) Morons in Fox and CNN in America are a calamity and other than some good people they have working there, and some good guests they get in (occasionally) – they are rubbish – good for nothing.

Both of them.

The beautiful destruction of all Putin narratives worldwide is really coming along nicely now.

Nothing to worry about with already defeated Putin.

Only a matter of when and how many more Russians he is willing to use as cannon fodder worldwide.

During the many wars global in nature in different regions, America did a very good job with the hit on ISIS in Syria it must be noted: