During The War Slimy Little Slug Worst Irish Politician and Irishman Alive Simon Harris Heading To California On Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 People Of America Don’t Make Him Feel Too Welcome

So much happening on a people and not just government level now during the war in the tech space.

Judges, policemen, lawyers and attorneys all running for the hills in many nations. Followers of Jesus Christ control this world now.

Corrupt people are being brought to justice.

The people of Germany recently even forced the German government to rightly send tanks to Ukraine shortly.

Get as many weapons to Ukraine as quickly as possible for them to end the war. Amen.

On a political note during the war, one not very well received Irish politician Mr. Simon Harris is heading to California for Patrick’s Day shortly this year.

Maybe to do with the tech between the EU and America at the moment. As Tik Tok are opening up crazily (Chinese company) more offices in Europe with Dublin the GDPR hub.

How China are doing this and trying to destroy Europe and America is crazy.

Harris is easily the worst Irish politician alive today.

The good people of America we are sure will give him the appropriate greeting when he arrives and send him packing – back to the magnificent nation of Ireland.

Moreover, Airbnb as a tech company globally with the cost of travel going up and travelling being so much harder to do this year, are caught up in much legal GDRP ongoings at present.

With all travelers being strictly checked for their Airbnb stays this year due to many now proven unscrupulous Russian allies and Russians using their platform for their benefit against Ukraine in the war. In many nations.

All travelers and backpackers will have their Airbnb tickets screened at departures, airports and ports intensively in the months ahead and this summer.

Worldwide. East and West.

Russia were shown to be using the platform using travelers, migrants, refugees and ‘vacation’ makers in many cases as Russian assets in the war.

A thing no more.