Upcoming Joe Biden Trip To Poland Make Sure He and His Small Few Scumbag Decrepit Washington DC Dirtbag Evil Friends Not Welcome Here In Poland – Trump Still The President – Joe Biden A Little Worm

A lot of people have been killed in the war recently during war time US President Biden’s leadership.

Same in all countries in Europe at the moment.

Many corrupted judges, lawyers, policemen, media workers working for governments corruptly, diplomats, government workers, civil servants, accountants, regular people all involved in the war have and are being killed at the moment in all countries.

Not always making it to the ‘news’ or ‘media’.

This is due to the ongoing war from Putin’s Russia.

US President Biden in America is coming to Poland soon.

Don’t make silly Joe Biden feel too welcome.

Same with some silly Americans who may be with Biden in Poland.

America once a great country (it will be again one day not with Joe Biden though) but Joe Biden scum of the Earth.