Putin’s Little Children Killers’ Russian Invaders Murder 461 Kids, Harm Almost 1000 and People Are Justifiably, Appropriately, Wisely and Righteously Angry With Russia Globally For It – Strong Action Must Happen On Russia Now Massacre Them Globally Turn On The Lights Until They Leave Ukraine and End Their Monstrosities

Putin's Little Children Killers' Russian Invaders Murder 461 Kids

During the war from Russia in Ukraine a sick number has now being confirmed.

Russian invaders have murdered 461 little children so far:



Not even the Nazi’s stooped that low. Russia’s rubbish totally exposed now. By far the worst war in humanity’s history. They must be stopped soon and brought to brutal justice.

Let Russia sit pay for what they have done on an ongoing current basis.

Punish them.

Bring them to justice.

Annihilate them in all aspects for the above.


It is the only logical and wise thing to do.

Turn on the lights on those responsible for the above.