Good Defeating Evil In Spiritual War On Earth – Jesus Christ Destroys The Works Of Evil and Rubbish Spiritual Crap – Unseen World Is Seen Everywhere By God Always – Nothing Escapes Him – All Evil Being Exposed In Light In 2023 Turn On The Lights – Jesus Christ is King of All Kings and Lord of All Lords

All the rubbish garbage self-development nonsense ‘psychology’ and different similar takes on the war all proven to being rubbished now. Truly destroyed works now. No one cares about them now.

Focusing on the unseen world far more real of course.

As works of evil being destroyed and good seizing control of Earth from evil now in 2023.


During all the wars.

That started by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Social media and big tech companies all continue to decline with all the rubbish they have on them.

Better companies and new improvements can be better soon for current ones.

Keep smiling and laughing 🙂

Good is in control of this Earth now. Jesus Christ is the light, the way and the only truth.

No one gets to heaven without doing business with him. No one gets there without coming through him first. Of all times. Way more in heaven then hell of all times too.

Where do you want to go.

Heaven and hell are for eternity.

That’s the reality of it.

Choice is yours.

Accept Jesus Christ now as your personal lord and savior to get to heaven.

Jesus Christ is returning soon.

Maybe within the next 50 years.

Get right with him now and live forever.

That is a fact that remains.