Russians Worldwide Continue To Turn Against Putin After His Scam War Turn On The Lights

Russian President Putin has proven short sighted, overly ambitious and 100 per cent wrong in all aspects in his disastrous war for Russia in Ukraine.

Russians the world over are now aware how wrong he is and are turning against him every day as the global support for Ukraine grows. This cartoon guy produces some informative content on the topic at times:

Maybe not always right but frequently quite insightful. Russians have a simple choice.

Leave Putin, get someone else and get ready to make Russia great again! Long term down the road after Putin is gone, his forces are back in Russia and reparations and justice is brought for Ukraine.

More mysterious explosions happening in Russia all the time now. Must just be coincidence. Keep lighting the fuse comrades. Leave Putin’s war of aggression. There is no future for Russian President Putin’s war in Ukraine and Europe.


That’s just how it is.

Upon balanced observation, Ukraine are defending their nation and civilizations of the world quite well.

Genuine agents of general mayhem in fairness.

All credit to the Ukrainians and Eastern European convey at the end of the day.

The tank convey has a new element to it from Latvia today no less:

Keep fighting the good fight amigos.

Victory belongs to all nations and people of the Earth in the big picture.