New Daily Record Of Russian Dead Soldiers For Some Time – 1030 Russian Soldiers Gone On Feb 6th 2023 On Russian President Putin’s Watch

While all the talk and carnage started from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Ukraine are cutting down the invaders.

Sending them to their eternal resting place defending their country from attack. Confirmed numbers this morning:

1,030 Russian soldiers gone yesterday. That is a new record for some time in the daily Russian soldiers numbers’ deaths.

Turn back now Russian comrades. Go somewhere else or join forces with brothers in arms Ukrainians. Russian President Putin does is clearly using you as cannon fodder per the above numbers.

You are better than that. Stand up to him and his decrepit warehouses and arms facilities in Russia.

Those aboard departing Russian vessels in the Black Sea and elsewhere know that God is on Ukraine’s side clearly.

Ukraine the good. Get something better in place for the next generation of Russians down the road than what has went before.

Putin cannot justify or sell this war internally to any Russians in Russia any longer. No sane person could believe him in Russia.