Concerning Moron Elon Musk’s Closeness With Putin’s Russia

Concerning Moron Elon Musk's Closeness With Putin's Russia

Twitter has done okay with new deals since Musk took over but Musk is a bit of a fool.

His reply to the following account is linked to being close with both Putin’s Russia and a small faction also of Turkish Hezbollah replying to by Musk earlier:


‘A tragic loss of life’

Bingo. Pentagon, pay attention. Raid Musk’s family homes and offices. All of them. Just to be sure. A bit strong but necessary. Make it happen. Amen.

That account he replied to is a well-known Russian invader disinformation account. Silly Musk.

That is it for Twitter. Musk’s test failed. Maybe one day Twitter will be great again.

Alas, Musk has much to learn about warfare and statesmanship.

Speaking on loss of Ukrainian life. Those numbers cannot be confirmed, furthermore.

The alternative to Ukraine losing Russian President Putin’s invasion would have been tens of millions of tragic lost life.

This alternative much better.

Russian invaders leave Ukraine fully in 2023.

WWIII averted.

Tanks and jets on the way to Ukraine.

Gets the tanks and jets there on the double.

Make it so.

All systems go.


Good conquers evil.

Putin’s Russia invasion the evil – Ukraine the good.

Ukraine soldiers only getting stronger. Russian soldiers weaker and leaving in their droves. Russians, join forces with Ukraine as brothers in arms. Russian President Putin does not care about you. He doesn’t even pay most of you. He is using you as cannon fodder. Stand up to him Russians across Russia. Amen. Alas, he is only a silly old man now. All his power is gone.

The future is bright for Russia one day down the road long after Putin is gone. After reparations are paid for restoring Ukraine.

Another mobilization will only see hundreds of thousands of Russians wiped out.

Cut down in their masses.

While ultimately stopping tens of millions of more deaths.

As Russian President Putin would have went to other nations and caused WWIII after.

He even said as much so not long ago.

He will fail.

He will lose.

Ukraine will win.

Russia will also win long-term free of Russian President Putin.

The only risk in WWIII is not assisting Ukraine.

Elon Musk is very wrong and a limited moron in many ways. People need to stop putting people on pedestals due to fame and money.

It is irrelevant.

Tech company CEO’s like Google’s also badly got things wrong and got cracked for hundreds of billions in AI.

All very limited operators upon balanced analysis.

If you are a follower of God go against what the ‘news’ and ‘celebrity’ say.

Don’t please people please God.

It’s not for everyone.

Much of the news is rubbish these days. Those IMF people another scam organization (like the upcoming boycotted Olympics linked to Putin) – at least the news industry is improving (credit where credit is due) and seeing through that ‘International Monetary Fund’ organization – complete spoof artist organization in our view during the war.

Ultimately, Ukraine are the good in the fight and Putin’s Russia the evil.

Good always defeats evil.