Putin Media Trying To Bate China Into More Oblivion With America, East and Earth – See Through Them China – Chinese Currency Hit Again – Use Your Brains – Don’t Be Foolish – Join Forces With Ukraine Like Everybody

Bingo. Russian President Putin’s paid for/State media reaction to the surveillance Chinese balloon: https://www.newsweek.com/russian-state-tv-cheers-chinese-spy-balloon-turning-us-upside-down-1779060 Chinese currency and business down again today. Things will only get worse for you China. Cut ties with failing Russian President Putin while you can. Bring China back to the East & West. SEE ALSO:

Turkey Battered With Worst Earthquake In Over 100 Years Clearly Suffering The Wrath Of God – Tiny Number Of Turkish Civil Servants and Turkish Nationals Worst Human Beings On The Face Of The Planet – Get Turkish Tanks To Ukraine Now Turkish President Erdogan

Turkey have suffered one of the most devastating things in its history as a country to ever happen. Clearly on God’s wrong side at the moment with pulverizing Earthquakes: https://www.foxnews.com/world/turkey-hit-7-8-magnitude-earthquake-felt-across-middle-east Rest in peace and condolences to the innocent people who lost their lives. Temporary life on this Earth that is.…