USA Finally Stand Up To China Surveillance Balloon

As more and more Chinese Communist party surveillance assets get removed – finally the Biden administration took action against their balloons.

Bursting it safely – waiting for it to be over water so no one was hurt per:

There that goes. Belated happy Chinese New Year.

On why they took their time:

South, central and Latin America nations must do the same.

If similar balloons need to burst again for China.

Over any part of the Americas.

Kevin McCarthy and The House must take strong appropriate action against China for this.

You can’t let them do this again.

Secretary Blinken must revise his strategy with China completely after this.

American economy will be okay later in 2023.

Same can’t be said for China.

Only way for China to be welcome back at the table in the East and West is one way.

Cut the cord with Russian President Putin and his invaders that started all the mayhem globally.

Get rid of any Russian banks in China. Certainly SWIFT will do so. Cooperate with them for fruitful cooperation with China down the road.

Russian President Putin will be isolated and his aggressor State too.

Then send humanitarian and some repair funds to Ukraine.