Ukraine Take Strong Action In Global Rollout Against Small Number Of Ukrainian Citizens, Businessmen and Politicians Living In Different Countries

Betrayal and traitors are being dealt with in brutal fashion at the moment in the war.

Ukraine are taking strong action worldwide on their own people living in any country against Ukraine:

More here:

Surely more evidence for European parliament how Ukraine is cleaning up its act.

Getting rid of all corruption.

Even on small and big levels.

Against anyone essentially deemed betrayers or traitors in any way.

Brutal actions against them no less.

Kudos on the swiftness of it all.

Impressive to say the least by Ukraine.

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

In war or in life.

For instance maybe sometimes a woman might seem like the girl of your dreams to date.

Then after though you see her dark friends she hangs around with and want nothing to do with her after seeing them then. Birds of a feather flock together. Can’t get yoked with an unbeliever. No way. Ukraine must stand up to all Ukrainian darkness worldwide. Ukraine light will win in this war. All day!

Ukraine must be strong against the small number of scumbag Ukrainians in all countries.

Again, it is a tiny number.

Ukrainians in general are awesome, funny, brilliant people.

They really are.

Their people are a credit to themselves overall.

Keep smashing away in the war for Ukraine!

Tremendous job so far.