Switzerland Decision To Abandon Neutrality and Indifference One-Hundred-Per-Cent Right They Must Get Tanks To Ukraine and Can Also Help SWIFT CLOSE ALL REMAINING RUSSIAN BANKS USING SWIFT System

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In another big surprise move for the forces of good that no one thought possible, the great people of Switzerland are coming through for Ukraine.

Maybe there is a future again for Switzerland after all.

Now actively speaking about getting tanks from Switzerland to allies in Europe.

For Ukraine.

That is a big decision.

To even discuss it and urge it so much is tremendous.

An awesome Swiss move.

It is the right one and they are in good company with everyone else in Europe.

With the exception of Hungary.

Moving swiftly on, Switzerland also can seize some Russian funds.


Currently held in Switzerland being used in the war in Ukraine and Europe.

And distribute them to Ukraine.

Switzerland have the agile sovereign legal system to do this quickly if they want.

With minimal impact on them.

The beneficiary being Switzerland on a PR, legal, financial and competitive level with new finance hub Singapore.

In what otherwise is turning into a dreadful year for Swiss tech and financial firms.

It would make sense.

And give Ukraine vital funds it needs to end the war as soon as possible.

Ending the biggest war of the 21st century.

Taking the money from Russian President Putin and giving it to Ukraine directly to defend their nation.

Defending their nation until Russian President Putin’s invaders leave Ukraine.

The Swiss could also work hand in hand jointly and easily with SWIFT international payments.

To show any Russian banks in Switzerland they need to remove from SWIFT.

This can be done easily and calmy by Switzerland.