Sniper One-Shot Professional Hitman Job By Pentagon Downs Hostile China Surveillance Aggression Target In Appropriate Self Defense With Lethal Deadly Force – Well Done US President Joe Biden

Sniper One-Shot Professional Hitman Job By Pentagon Downs Hostile China Aggression Target Appropriate In Self Defense With Lethal Deadly Force - Well Done US President Joe Biden

In an unexpected turn of events US President Joe Biden appears to be rising to the challenge at the moment.

In times of great troubles in the world and in America.

Under his command he showed strength and finally stood up to China.

Taking his time, no rush, baiting the enemy in, toying with the enemy for a while, hooking the fish and then easily authorizing when it was safe to do so – calm execution of a hostile target flying over the United States:

Nice shooting. Tremendous. Awesome.

When was the last time a hostile target was allowed to fly over any part of the Americas, Canada, USA or Latin America?

Certainly a long time for the USA.

Won’t happen again. That’s for sure.

Very calmly executed. Didn’t react quickly. Played the Chinese aggressor along. Toyed with the enemy. Then took him out in one shot when duty was called upon. Bang. Gone, gone. Dead, dead. End.

Display of sovereignty against the tyrannical CCP.

An elite regime who are hostilely actively committing aggression on America.

They paid a brutal price.

In self-defense only.

Brutal self-defense no less.

More of the same next time.

Indeed, much worse can happen to China.

More than they even know.

They will get the message now. At last. Finally. That they are not in control. God is.

America and the planet is not for sale to them. Not today. Not ever. No way.

Maybe socialism okay in some things but not in everything.

Not only have the West rejected their ideology.

So have the East.

You will see more in the East continue to stand up to China like Japan, South Korea, eventually North Korea (they know China are not their friends), Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia (they have many alternatives like UAE to do worldwide without China), The Philippines and more.

China have now been shown lethal force.

Deadly force.

Proper hitman job.

Hit was executed on enemy hostile Chinese target. Direct aggression from China was neutralized from surveillance. Gone.

Safely and calmly.

Good job by the Pentagon.

The only way China will ever be allowed back to the table of the East and West is one way.

Firstly by condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s failing war in Ukraine.

Then sending some sensible humanitarian and restructuring funds to Ukraine in good faith.

To put some of the Chinese induced mayhem of the last few years during the world situation behind them.

To open trust maybe a little bit with the rest of the world again before the end of 2023.

This is what proper sensible Statesmen in China would also consider forthright and honorable.

This all started when Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

China can help end it.

Otherwise, they will continue to be put down worldwide.

In countries globally other than America.

China must be condemned for their direct act of aggression and hostility over the United States.

As well as all of the continent of all the Americas.

Latin America and Canada must take notice of this and work together with the USA.

China are being aggressive to you all with the above all on the same continent.

You all must work together to deter Chinese aggression and hostility on this.