Putin Achieves Historic Switzerland Move Against Russia

Putin Achieves Swiss Move Against Russia Hitler Could Not Even Do In WWII

Russian President Putin has achieved something against the nation of Russia from Switzerland in a historical all time low for Russia.

As a nation.

Something Adolf Hitler could not even achieve in WWII no less.

Switzerland, for the first time since 1515 – are abandoning their neutrality and indifference policy in war and will support Ukraine:


More here on tangible factual evidence of the strength of the growing global Ukrainian convoy:


No more indifference from Switzerland. Their clear decision to discuss getting those tanks to the right players for Ukraine shows no more neutrality.

You can’t be neutral or indifferent to an aggressor State’s actions that has destabilized all of Europe.

Effecting Switzerland hugely.

That will tell you how 100% wrong Russian President Putin and his small number of Russian remaining supporters are in everything they say.

Everything they do.

And everything they predict.

Kudos and big respect to the Swiss!

Convoy is coming along nicely!


We can always improve!

Can do better!

Furthermore, congrats to Russian President Putin on ending more Russian wealth in Switzerland.

As well as ensuring more tanks likely from Switzerland to other countries for Ukraine soon.

Russian President Putin’s disastrous war continues to back fire all the time on him.

Please do not pay any attention to that terrible Russian President Putin ‘media’ site ‘TASS’.

Terrible site.

It is getting the appropriate deindexing in the months ahead not just by commercial players in the West – in the East too.

Baidu in China must disregard that terrible website tass.com. No good. China must see through it! Won’t help Chinese citizens worldwide! No one is using that Russian website anymore. Must remove it! Replace it with something better in China for the great people of China! Even the terrible Chinese Communist Party of China surely see through that ‘TASS.com’ site! Horrible site.

It is not providing good user experience or information for those in China either.

On the tank front, Switzerland and Turkey must get the tanks to Ukraine as soon as possible.

As quietly as possible.

Great work by Canada and the UK recently in this regard.

No risk now for Turkey or Switzerland with such a huge convoy of tanks on the way globally to Ukraine.

They are in good company in the East and West.

To name but a few – Germany, States, smaller nations like Morocco soon and many nations around the world.

Portugal sending some tanks too shortly.

France must know now they are with the winners in Ukraine and not believe any rubbish from Russian President Putin.

Free the mobile Leclercs quietly to break the stalemate.

Support increases daily for Ukraine from the East and West nations of the world against Russian President Putin’s aggressor State war on Ukraine.

Ukrainians must look up and rejoice.

Be glad.

Even in these difficult times.


Here’s the reality, facts and truth of why:

  • Who in the world thought it were possible for Germany to be sending 88 leopard tanks
  • Switzerland for the first time in over 500 years abandon neutrality because of Putin
  • America and Germany once bitter enemies now friends working together for you?
  • Do you want us to go on?
  • Ring any more bells?
  • We rest our case for now 🙂

Keep fighting!

Perseverance and steadfast belief leads to achievement for Ukraine and the planet as a whole this year.

There is growing support in the East all the time.

Just because you don’t see it or hear about it means nothing.

Look at what has happened in Germany and Switzerland recently.

UAE also must cooperate with any international players in seizing Russian invader funds in the UAE being used to fund the war in anyway.

UAE have done some great work in the war already for Ukraine but more can be done.

Great to see seized Russian President Putin funds are being transferred straight to Ukraine at the moment.

More on the way.

Walk by faith not by sight.

God is all around you.

If you look past distractions of news headlines.

Not always easy to do.

Stay focused.

Keep smashing away!

Keep fighting!

SWIFT must remove Russian banks entirely from its international payment system.


A win for Ukraine is a win for Russia and the good people of Russia too long-term.