People Are Justifiably Angry With Already Failing Xi Jinping’s Desperate Attempt To Rebuild World’s Severed Trust In China

People Are Angry With Already Failing Xi Jinping's Desperate Attempt To Rebuild World's Severed Trust In China

Since the beginning of the global pandemic situation that started in Wuhan a few years ago only recently China has started talking about ‘numbers’ on Covid deaths.

Never clarifying anything about Wuhan or Covid that killed millions around the globe. Now trying to get people back to China after all the mayhem they caused with some cheap flight giveaway thing or something:

Yeah, right.

Get there and come back with 20 new variants of Covid.

No thank you.

Their own people clearly above are even lambasting Xi Jinping’s latest ‘brain wave’ and ‘thought of the day’.

In his latest woeful international idea for China with foreign Statesmen.

The above fell flat on its face quickly.

The only way China can make up for all the mayhem over the last few years that started in their country, and then their aggression against other countries they started after Putin invaded Ukraine, is one thing.

Cut ties with Putin. Forget the West for now, Xi Jinping first needs to get back in the good books with the East.

Who are with Ukraine in the biggest war of the 21st century against Russia.

China must follow same.

Or face further decline in decades of Chinese international work.

Transparently and tangibly happening all the time.

They know it too.